About Us

The Frame Shack opened in 1976 originally as the Workbench of Wakefield.  The Workbench was a do-it-yourself wood working shop where amateur woodworkers could use a wide array of professional power equipment for an hourly fee.  Our evolution from woodworkingfs door to custom picture framing began when customers wanted to create frames with the woodworking equipment.  Roger Schilling, shop founder, began to manufacture his own small line of picture frames and the framing part of the business began to take off.  The name was changed to the Frame Shack and for the next few years we offered both custom and do-it-yourself framing.  The do-it-yourself aspect of the business eventually declined while the custom framing accelerated.  Still to this day, the shop retains its original wood working equipment, allowing us to create projects that other frame shops can’t.

It is our woodworking heritage that has provided the skills and knowledge necessary for the Frame Shack team to produce a wide variety of framing projects.  Beyond the traditional mitering and joining tools, the shop is backed by an array of highly sophisticated woodworking equipment…and the abilities for effective use allowing the shop to take framing to bold, new levels.

The Frame Shack has taken pride in providing a warm, friendly, home like atmosphere, punctuated with individual service and one-on-one attention for all.  There are no strangers, only friends we haven’t met.  The shop’s aura of informal professionalism, fostered by a truly caring team often creates a lasting rapport with clients that can span generations.