“It costs how much?”

Are Frame Shack prices competitive?

When you compare, our everyday prices are extremely competitive. Recently we compared our price on a shadow box frame to the price from a self-proclaimed discount superstore chain. We learned that our prices are competitive even before we applied the standard 10% discount for projects over $300.

Some framing businesses advertize “60%off everyday” leading many consumers to think it must be a great deal, however, some wonder“60% off of what?” Custom framing is as much about value for dollars spent as it is about the cheapest price. Quality framing never goes unnoticed. The Frame Shack excels in providing clients with a vast selection of materials, unlimited design and price options, and a  creative, experienced, knowledgeable staff.

Since 1976, the shop has set the industry standard with an ironclad guarantee of satisfaction.  Add to this a one-week delivery time, competitive pricing and no up-front deposit requirements, and the Frame Shack offers the best custom framing value available anywhere.


Do you have a treasured item or items that you keep tucked away for safekeeping?  Would you like to house them safely and put them on display to enjoy daily? Framing your memories will revive those special feelings each time you see it. Shadowbox frames are a beautiful and practical way to showcase special momentos three-dimensionally and provide the ability to frame almost anything.

At the Frame Shack, we’re experts at designing shadowboxes. Simply gather up your favorite items and bring them to the shop. Not sure what to bring? We have great suggestions including photos, medals, jewelry, articles of clothing, or musical instruments to name a few.   We’ve designed frames and shadowboxes for professional athletes, auctions, cub scouts, ballerinas, fishermen, boaters, skateboarders… you name it. The options are truly endless.

We can frame virtually anything you would like.  Share with us your vision for your special objects, and we will guide you through the entire process.  Come visit the Shack and let us show you the options!

8 Tips for Framing Artwork

1. Narrow mats create a busy target don’t be afraid of large mat borders.

2. Don’t try to match room colors exactly, however…

3. If color is critical, bring samples of fabric and paint to the shop.

4. The framing should not overpower the art.

5. Hang pictures at eye level.

6. Mix frames of different colors and styles in a room.

7. Look at room decor in magazines and on television to help figure out what you like.

8. Ask questions at the Frame Shack, the more you know, the better you can make informed   decisions about framing your art and objects.